Influencer’s Guide to Media Kits: What you Need to Know
January 12, 2021
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What is a Media Kit?
Your media kit should give a brief introduction to who you are and what you do - the platforms you are active on, the type of content you create, the niche audience you target etc. 

From a brand’s perspective, there are lots of metrics that are readily accessible just from your social media profile. For example, brands can easily see the number of followers you have without accessing your media kit. Brands are usually more interested in the less obvious metrics that make you worth their investment. This can include engagement rates, average number of story views and a breakdown of audience demographics. 

If you are a more experienced content creator, share a few key metrics from previous brand collaborations. Try to choose collaborations that best represent your niche and involve a reputable brand. Rather than listing every collaboration you’ve ever done, focus on quality over quantity. Brands don’t like content creators who are constantly involved in collaborations as it takes away from your authenticity.

One of the myths surrounding media kits is that they also serve as a pricing package. Many creators are apprehensive about sticking to set prices since different partnerships require different amounts of work. Media kits do not have to include standard pricing for brands - you can leave this for the discussions you have when communicating with brands.
How to Make One?
Creating a media kit can be overwhelming for a content creator of any audience size. One of the biggest challenges can be regularly updating your media kit since your metrics change on a daily, or even hourly basis. 

CreatorLoop is an online tool that allows you to instantaneously export a media kit customized to you. Your media kit will include all the data that you need to market yourself to potential brand partners based on your current metrics. You won’t have to worry about manually updating your media kit each time you’re communicating with a brand. 

The media kit templates on CreatorLoop have been curated by a team who help brands execute influencer campaigns, meaning they have a detailed understanding of what businesses look for when collaborating with an influencer. 

CreatorLoop also serves as a community of creators looking to grow in order to get more paid collaborations. The platform offers customized recommendations based on your metrics, so you’ll be able to improve as an influencer.

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